Be curious about opportunities beyond your current viewpoint

When you’re working in a job or doing a job, you only see what is in front of you, rarely looking up or taking the time to see what is around you. Here is a perfect example of someone that not only shows, but demonstrates to others the potential and possibilities that are in front of them.

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To be or not to be….an expert?

I was recently told that I needed to prove that I was an expert to my audience. Yes, PROVE, that I am an expert at what I do. With that statement I am able to debunk it rather quickly with a real life example. One in which early in my writing career, i.e. my first book, I was able to see past this issue because of this one example.

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Practice makes…nope, it’s not what you’ve been told.

English: Practice makes perfect

English: Practice makes perfect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ve heard the saying, practice makes perfect, right? We’ve all head it, but has anyone ever analyzed this saying to figure out what it really means in the working or entrepreneurial world?

Well, I’m going to show you why that statement is wrong and what can be said to make it correct and accurate.

There are three levels of practicing something, they are:

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$1,000,000.00 Question

Met with my good friend Jimmy Graham of CQD-Denver yesterday and he introduced me to an individual to share who I am, what I have done, and where I was going. After a brief introduction, the gentleman began to asks lots of questions and took lots of notes (that should have been my first clue).

I shared what I was doing, Jimmy made comments about how we had worked together over the last six months or so to help him with his business, and just had a general discussion around business. But the questions kept coming with him still taking notes.

Hmm, this was not a typical “get to know you” type of meeting over coffee, this is much more involved.

I watch Shark Tank, and this is what the meeting was coming across to me. While I have been searching at how to build my business going forward, primarily I was looking at what the Business Model Generation says to do: Search out a successful business model and then scale it.

Then, it happened.

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Kid entrepreneurs solved their own problem

When you have a desire to do something, a strong desire, you’ll find or make a way to accomplish your goals, They may seem rough goals, unattainable goals, but goals they are.

Saying yes to your dream means that you’re opening up to the possibilities that what you’re dreaming is seriously possible.

Watch how these kids in the orient take their dream and make it happen.

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It is NEVER too late to start: 70 year old body builder

I hear lot of talk in the media about the “20 over 20″ or the “30 over 30″ years old that are taking names in the area of startups, but you don’t hear much about older folks who change their lives by heading in another direction.

Here’s the story about a 70 year old body builder who’s changing the perception of what “old” is:

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New book project: Transitioning from Military to Civilian life

As I’m finishing up my current book project, just last night I committed to doing another book that I hope to have out after this current one is done, sometime during the summer of 2014.

OK Veterans and their family members, Jimmy Graham (CQD-Denver)Dale Comstock, Max Mullen, Kerry Patton, Robert Butler, David Masters, David B. Rutherford, Zach Ziegler, Mark Devine, and Tim Ziegler, I have taken on a new writing project as of last night near midnight and I’m putting a call out to you guys. My new book project is to help our transitioning service members that are heading into the civilian world, ESPECIALLY the wounded warriors, and prepare them for their “New Mission” in life.

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